While kids today might be waggling their Wii-motes and hopping on Live to play with their friends across the country, old-timers know the classics -- Asteroids, Pong, Pole Position, ET, Pac-Man and Breakout!, to name a few. It's the legacy of Atari that the older generation remembers. And with younger gamers pushing video game sales well over $500 million, in the case of the new Grand Theft Auto game, it seems like a good time for an old Hollywood staple -- the a biopic. And who better to make a moving picture about than the founder of Atari Nolan Bushnell?

Surely, this sounds like a job for Leonard DiCaprio, who already has one biopic credit under his belt with The Aviator and he hasn't been doing anything else recently. Writers Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman finally convinced Bushnell to sell his life-story rights to allow them to write his Bushnell, along with Ted Dabney, founded Atari in 1972 and together they were major players in bringing video games to our arcades and homes. The film is under Paramount Pictures, which is currently using DiCaprio for Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island.

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