I've got a spoiler for you: the world doesn't end in 2012. Well, maybe the world ends, but it doesn't take humanity-- and that probably includes John Cusack and his family-- with it. Bummer, right? Not that it was at all reasonable to expect Roland Emmerich's movie to go full Deep Impact and obliterate the entire planet, but given that he's hinted that this is his last disaster movie, I thought maybe he'd want to go out with a bigger bang than usual.

Anyway, how do I know all of this? Adam Lambert told me, of all people. His video for the movie's main track "Time for Miracles" has leaked on to YouTube (via Movieline), and while it contains a lot of the explosion footage we've been seeing for weeks, the end includes shots that can only come from the ending, including people walking out of some kind of storage container into the sunrise, and John Cusack kissing Amanda Peet (though who knows, maybe they do that while running away from a fireball). Of course I don't really know that this is how the film ends-- it could all be a mid-third-act red herring to convince us the world has been saved, and then BOOM! Tidal wave. But I'm putting my bets on walking out of this two-and-a-half-hour monster with a happy ending.

Check out the video below, and if you can't tolerate the caterwauling, skip to the last 20 seconds or so for the new footage.

Time For Miracles

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