Bruce Willis's bad guy nemesis in Live Free or Die Hard may have been cast. JewReview says they have the inside track, and that character actor Jeffrey Wright has signed on for the movie's baddie role.

Exactly what kind of villain he'll be playing remains unclear. All we've heard is that he'll be the head of some agency which McClane and his team must stop. On McClane's side is the already announced Justin Long and Maggie Q.

There's bee no studio confirmation on Wright's casting yet and I don't know about you, but I've never heard of JewReview before. What, does every ethnic group have to have their own entertainment site now? I really miss the days when America was a melting pot. JewReview may be the "Entertainment Site For the Chosen People", but chosen people can make up fake internet stories to get traffic just as well as anyone else.

Consider this a rumor until we hear more.

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