In one of those “no one is above the law” type stories, film director John McTiernan has been sentenced to four months in prison for lying to the FBI about hiring a private investigator to bug the phone of a producer. That almost seems like a plot to a movie. A really boring movie, to be sure, but still. McTiernan had pled guilty last year to one charge of making a false statement but pulled a Larry Craig and tried to withdraw his plea when he probably realized “hey, I might actually end up in the clink!”

Variety says that U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer not only didn’t go along with the plea withdraw but verbally bitch-slapped McTiernan a few times while handing down the sentence. After McTiernan said he suffered from depression, Fischer said “He will certainly not be the only depressed man in custody.” Ohhhhhh SNAP! Fischer also said that McTiernan "has shown no remorse, just excuses."

McTiernan, who in better days directed Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October and other action films, hired a private investigator to bug producer Charles Roven in 2000. When asked about it by the FBI he said that he hadn’t done what he did, and is often the case, it’s not the doing wrong that gets you trouble, it’s the lying about it afterwards. Did Nixon teach us nothing? Roven and McTiernan had worked together on Rollerball. Just that credit should have gotten McTiernan six months of hard labor, so it sounds like he is getting off easy.

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