The news that Dimension Films has picked up a developing horror project called The Home may not sound that thrilling-- Dimension has a track record with horror, after all, and The Home is an original pitch that nobody knows much about yet. But if you follow the world of online movie blogs like this one, you may recognize the name of co-writer Eric Vespe, or know him better as Quint from Ain't It Cool News. That's right, one of our own-- along with his collaborator and the project's director, Aaron Morgan-- has made it to the big time. Next time you want to accuse us all of being failed filmmakers who just criticize other peoples' movies instead, well, in your face!

Slashfilm broke the news, though if you look at Aaron's Twitter feed you can see he's at least confirming the exciting news, and also that they're into day 3 of "official" pre-production. The Home, which is described as an H.P. Lovecraft-esque thriller, is about a firefighter who winds up recuperating from his on-the-job injuries in a nursing home that's far more sinister than it at first appears. What you see above is some of the concept art that Eric and Aaron have been working with and presenting to investors, and it's not just any fancy drawings you're looking at-- they've been working with the team at WETA, who, yes, are the visual masterminds who brought you the Lord of the Rings movies. Not only that, but Peter Jackson recorded a video promoting the film to possible investors-- you have to imagine that helped sway Dimension toward picking up the project, especially since the studio has seemed content for years now just to wring money out of the Scream franchise.

Shooting starts in February, with a cast that includes Brian Cox, Cloris Leachman, Louis Gossett Jr., Ed Asner, Finnoula Flanagan and even Louise Fletcher, famous as the relentless Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I couldn't be more excited for these guys, not only because I've seen how devoted they are to the project and count them as friends, but because they're bringing original, truly creepy horror out into a world that for a while seemed to have given up on it. Best of luck Eric and Aaron!

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