Last week it was reported that Kenny Ortega, the director behind This Is It, was planning yet another Michael Jackson-based film, this time a feature length "adaptation" of the song Thriller. Considering that the music video for the film, directed by John Landis, is a landmark in music history, fans were outraged that a filmmaker would continue to make money off the back of a notable dead celebrity. Fortunately, it's not going to happen any time soon.

Following the news, Ortega spoke with Entertainment Weekly to clear the record about the film, saying that the story "got put out there before I’ve even really had a chance to think about it too much." According to the director, the project is still very much in the early development stages and they haven't even gotten permission from the Michael Jackson estate to make the film. "I have been a part of some early creative meetings," Ortega said, "and if all goes well, I think it could happen in the next couple of years.”

With any luck, as the years go by studios will lose interest in the idea because Jackson's death is no longer as socially relevant. The man was an incredible talent and his legacy is only being tarnished by these repetitive cash grabs. Respect his memory, enjoy his music and his videos, and leave it alone.

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