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Between Van Helsing reintroducing classic monsters to the new millennium and remakes of Amityville and Texas Chainsaw Massacre having debatable success, it’s no real surprise to see more classic horror movies finding their way back to movie theaters. My money would have been on another Bela Legosi/Lon Chaney style Dracula or Wolfman movie before this though: a remake of The Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Sahara director Breck Eisner will be taking on the Creature’s return to the big screen, and if you ask me this is a good choice. Sahara showed the director can handle the tone of a classic-feeling movie like a Creature remake will need. Ironically, Eisner’s other major credit comes from the short-lived sci-fi series “The Invisible Man” which was an interesting, if not classic, approach to a modern day version of the character. I only hope Eisner keeps a relatively classic look to the Creature rather then re-imagining him as some sort of CGI beast. It may not be quite as frightening as Hollywood can put out these days, but there’s something iconic about the original Creature that still gives me chills.

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