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The big story that broke yesterday was the news that Christopher Nolan has officially begun the search for a Superman director. A short list of five potential directors to take the spot - Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Zack Snyder, Duncan Jones and Jonathan Liebesman - was revealed and it was an interesting mix to say the least. An argument can be made for every director on the list and an argument can be made against every director on the list. Apparently, word has gotten back to some of them, and now their responses are available.

First up is Snyder, who I feel is the strongest candidate, as his visual style could work perfectly with the storytelling of the Nolan brothers and David S. Goyer. Sadly, it's not to be. A few days before the news broke, Snyder did an interview with Latino Review in which he mentioned that he was approached about the project, but turned the opportunity down.

Next up is Jones, best known for directing last year's critical hit Moon. Coming Soon caught a comment by the director on his Twitter page about the news (it appears to have been deleted since). According to the site, the director said, "About Superman... I'm going to say something really cheesy; Can't talk about it, but an honor to be on the list. Interesting times!" Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like a confirmation to me.

Lastly, JobBlo got a quote from Reeves about the story down at Fantastic Fest in Austin, where his new film, Let Me In, is showing. Said the director, "I was surprised. I really have no idea if any of that is true. It's certainly an amazing project, but I would be surprised..." So pretty much the complete opposite of Jones. It sounds as though Reeves knows nothing about his inclusion, which may or may not mean that his appearance on the list was conjecture.

The only two directors that have not yet commented are Tony Scott and Jonathan Liebesman, but, as I reported in my original article, they are also the two that are already booked on other projects. While I'm sad to see Snyder fade from the project, Jones would definitely be my second choice of the five. I unabashedly loved Moon, and while it was certainly a smaller project than Superman would be, he has shown me enough that I could have faith in him.

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