Whether you’ve seen Let the Right One In, the 2008 version of this story, or not, there’s a lot in Let Me In to talk about. You’ve read our analysis of how strikingly similar director Matt Reeves remake is, and our analysis of where it differs. In the final analysis, we think it’s good, but you’ve heard enough from us.

Let Me In is in theaters across the country for the first time this weekend and we want to know what you think of former Cloverfield director Matt Reeves attempt to remake a Swedish boy meets vampire movie. After you see it this weekend click in here and rate the movie in our Let Me In viewer poll. Then discuss it with spoilers in the comments section below or spoiler free in the comments on my Let Me In revew. Sound off!

How would you rate Let Me In?

Warning: The comments below are intended for those who have already seen Let Me In and wish to discuss it with SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the movie, check out our spoiler-free Social Network review .

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