We’ve been talking about Source Code here on Cinema Blend for quite literally years, starting with Josh’s review of the script way back in 2009 in which he called it Groundhog Day meets Déjà vu. By now you’ve read Katey’s review too and, let’s face it, you’ve heard more than enough from us about director Duncan Jones’ sophomore sci-fi effort. Now it’s your turn!

Source Code is now in theaters and if you’re seeing anything this weekend, that’s the screen where you want to be. After you see it, walk out of the theater and find your way back to this page to let us know what you thought of Source Code, by rating it in the following reader poll. Then discuss it with spoilers in the comments section below, or spoiler free in the comments on Katey’s review. Sound off on Source Code right now, with your review.

How would you rate Source Code?

Reminder: The following comments section is intended only for people who have already seen Source Code and wish to discuss it with spoilers. You’ve been warned!

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