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The great Disney movie machine moves ever onward. However, the studio has so many different projects going on at once, that some seem to get lost in the shuffle. One of the movies we know comparatively little about right now is the upcoming remake of Pete’s Dragon. However, today we got our first look, so to speak, of the dragon Elliott. In addition, Disney promises more details to come very soon. Check out the first poster for the film.

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While the image does a truly lovely job of showing us something without actually showing us anything, that’s sort of the point. Elliott is the dragon who has befriended the titular Pete. He has a tendency to make himself invisible, or otherwise hide from most people, which means that having him hide behind a tree is par for the course for the character. What the poster does do is give us a look at the comparative size between Pete and Elliott so we know just how big the dragon will truly be. The dragon is significantly larger than the cartoon version from the original 1977 animated film. And there is a little bit to see of Elliott’s face, if we look close enough.

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While Pete’s Dragon seems an odd choice for a Disney remake, the original is a cult classic at best, that hasn’t prevented the film from bringing in one heck of a cast. Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley, and Karl Urban are all on board along with newcomer Oakes Fegley as Pete. Disney promises a better look at Pete, and hopefully Elliott too, as the trailer will premier this Sunday as part of ABC’s TV special celebrating Disneyland 60th Anniversary. If you can’t wait until Sunday to see more of Pete’s Dragon, here's the new poster in a teaser trailer like motion format.
Pete’s Dragon may not have been the Disney remake you asked for, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. Are you one of the original’s closet fans, or is the 1977 original completely unknown to you? Does this peak your interest at all?

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