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Despite Disney nearly screwing over its latest documentary release by advertising African Cats would only be in theaters on Earth Day, the 1 ½ hour documentary pulled in a tidy sum. Hopefully, the film did well enough Disney might think about producing more Earth day wildlife adventures, because African Cats achieves something Planet Earth could never do in its five-minute segments: a story.

For more of a synopsis, you can check out Mack’s Review, but with Samuel L. Jackson narrating and a 2 ½ year span at the heart of African Cats, that may be enough information to endear audiences to see the film. Since African Cats is no longer circulating widely, audiences will have to wait awhile—Disney won’t be releasing the title onto Blu-Ray or DVD until October 4.

The benefit to buying African Cats is that its proceeds will go to the African Wildlife Foundation’s “Save The Savanna” program. It’s all a bunch of marketing hogwash, as Disney is certain to include a segment about the conservation efforts The Walt Disney Company Sponsors. There are certainly worse things to buy into, and Disney does provide a “Save the Savanna” featurette looking into the issue. Blu-Ray copies will also come with behind-the-scenes footage, as well as a Jordin Sparks video. Got to get the Idol winner into cheetah print for a really affecting performance.

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