As far as remakes go, Fright Night is maybe the first film worth taking another shot at. The 1985 original was campy fun but really wasn't anything to get all that excited about, which leaves a lot of room for improvement with the upcoming Craig Gillespie rehash.

According to OnLocationVacations, you could easily be a part of the fun of film making by being background talent for Fright Night simply by applying at and then showing up. The film stars Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Chris Mintz-Plasse, and Imogen Poots so if you're going to be in the Albuquerque are any time between July 26 and October 1, you might as well make a quick couple of bucks and have fun looking at honest to goodness celebrities from a safe distance.

And for those hordes of you actors in the LA area, there is one shoot day scheduled for June 26th at whatever is at 1335 Willow St, so take a shot and head over there between 10am and 12am (that's morning til midnight for anyone still boggled by what 12am means). They are looking for high school types this time around so dress appropriately.

The film centers around Yelchin who thinks his next door neighbor, Farrell, is a vampire. Kind of a Rear Window sort of deal (or a Disturbia sort of deal for those film noobs out there who don't know their history), but with vampires. The only difference so far being the setting change from a suburban community to the busy world of Las Vegas. The remake should be pretty fun despite the fact that it's feeding the vampire craze which mostly just needs to stop. Well, except for True Blood...that show is awesome. Look for this one to drop in October 2011.

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