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Are you one of those people who complains that Comic Con isn't about comics anymore, but just all these giant movies that take up all the space? The director of Spellbound may be solving your dilemma. At Sundance Collider talked to the Spellbound and Lucky director, as well as his producer Sean Welch, and they revealed their plans to make a documentary about the history of DC Comics.

Filming just started a few weeks ago, but the plan is to debut the film at Comic Con this year. Welch explained, "DC Comics contacted us and asked if we would do this. Jeff and the director are comic book enthusiasts since they were kids and remain comic book enthusiasts. So yes, we have access to their archives, their material, their covers, their panels, the creatives and the executives in the DC world."

You can watch the video clip of the interview, in which Welch and Blitz explain the potential structure of the film, below. Following the Comic Con debut it's likely that the film, which Mac Carter will direct, will go directly to DVD. Of course, given the legions of devoted DC Comics fans who are likely dying for an in-depth look at the birth of the company, that probably won't stop the doc from getting a huge audience anyway.

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