I think I’m on record as believing everything I read on the Internet. I even believe stuff that contradicts other stuff I’ve read. I’m easy that way. But I’m even having a tough time with ComicBookMovie.com and their source on a leading man for David Goyer’s movie about Green Arrow. That’s the movie we told you about two weeks ago here.

ComicBookMovie.com says that it has a source named “Andrew.” This fellow just happened to run into Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon, and Damon opened up to “Andrew” about his future plans. “Andrew” says, “I met Matt Damon yesterday in the city during his break from the 3rd installment of The Bourne Identity series and I asked him if he was doing any comic book movies. He told me he was in the middle of negotiating the starring role in The Green Arrow movie!! Yes, and I just met with Josh Hamilton in the bathroom of our local Chili’s. He said that he’s starring in a movie version of The Atom, to be directed by Peter Jackson. Then he rinsed his hands, but didn’t use soap.

“Andrew” may be a very reliable source and this could be all on the up and up. But are we really supposed to believe something credited to a guy who seemingly ran into Damon on the street? Why would Damon confide in him? Still, I’ve always been a big Green Arrow fan (also I like The Flash, I’m really into the second string DC heroes) and Damon might be a good choice. He can do action hero and he seems to be about the right age and temperament.

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