UPDATE: Cinematical asked Sony about the rumor and weren't able to get a denial, just a "no comment." You can read as much or as little into that as you see fit.

A few weeks ago British actor Jamie Bell was listed on the shortlist of actors who might play Spider-Man in the upcoming reboot. But if reports coming in to Bleeding Cool are accurate, he may have finally gotten the job. They're hearing "repeated reports" that Sony has picked Bell for the job, though with no sources cited you are hereby instructed to treat this news as complete rumor.

Bell already has one franchise on the horizon, portraying the titular character in the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson Tintin movies, the first of which would hit theaters in December 2011, just six months before the new Spider-Man is set to premiere. Is Jamie Bell going to be the new Sam Worthington, a guy who shows up in every blockbuster whether you want him or not? And how about the fact that they're choosing a Brit to play one of the most American superheroes (his uniform isn't red and blue for the Union Jack, that's for sure). Then again, when they choose Josh Hutcherson for the role in a few weeks, you can chalk this rumor up as false and calm back down. We'll keep you posted either way.

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