You've been doing a lot of supporting work in various films in the last few years, and now this is a pretty big step up to a major part. Did that feel like a natural progression or was it a big leap?
It's funny, it didn't feel like a natural progression. When I read the script, I couldn't believe I was being asks to audition. I'd met Joe before and he showed a huge amount of faith in casting me. I can't imagine I was at the top of anybody's list, much less his. It was certainly a step up in that regard. Then I felt like I did have to match it. I always work hard, but then I felt like I had to match that with the faith shown in me. It was a big step up, but I cherished every second of it. I loved every day on set. I just loved working hard, I was lucky that since then I've gotten to do bigger roles. Working hard is kind of a joy.

The set of Anna Karenina is pretty elaborate, and you've got experience on the mammoth Harry Potter sets. Is there any comparison between the two?
Harry Potter was one of the first films I did, I was only in the last two. But really I felt kind of overwhelmed by the production. I really loved it, but I never knew whether what I was doing was acting or being an extra with a wand over my head. I never knew which was which. If Ralph Fiennes has to do a take again because you slip on your ass, that's probably not a good thing. For me the responsibility on Anna was that I felt it a lot more. I was more exposed.

You had said you didn't really want to be an actor because your dad was. What was the moment that you changed your mind and realized you should be an actor anyway?
It was never really what I meant. As a young man, you don't want to be defined purely by what your parents do. I read a script when I was 19 that made me want to be an actor, a Martin McDonagh script, and if the material is good, it's all I want to do. It's when you're not working that being an actor becomes a very depressing thing to be. In the last three years I've gotten into my stride a bit.

Well if you keep working with Martin and John Michael McDonagh, you'll never run out of work anyway.
Those two guys are mad geniuses. I will forever be grateful

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