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Don Vito Corleone’s luxurious eight bedroom, Tudor-style home has been put on the market. The iconic Staten Island property was featured prominently throughout The Godfather but perhaps most notably during Connie’s reception. In many ways, it’s a living embodiment of just how much the film industry has changed in the last thirty-eight years. Not only was the house’s beautiful 24,000 square foot lawn used during filming, but Coppola actually shot all of the planning and meal scenes inside the house. Nowadays, directors rarely shoot exterior footage in the same location.

According to The New York Daily News, the property has been listed at a cool 2.9 million. The owners are hoping whoever buys it will keep the house intact, but anyone willing to shell out nearly three million probably has the money to add renovations as they see fit. That being said, one would hope anyone looking at the mansion would at least have some sense of the brilliant history.

No offers have been made yet; so, any Cinema Blend millionaire readers may want to take careful stock of their current residence. It might be time for a move. Ask yourself, does your home have a four car garage and the lingering stench of Carlo Rizzi’s betrayal? I didn’t think so.

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