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The Guillermo del Toro-produced Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark was one of the last projects Miramax put into production before decided it wanted to focus on mining its back catalog rather than producing new content. As a result the movie got kind of lost in the limbo, absent a distributor who cared about it, despite the fact that it starred Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce and, based on a teaser trailer released last summer, looked genuinely terrifying.

Now, at last, the movie has found itself a home. FilmDistrict has acquired the U.S. rights to Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark and is planning an August 12 release-- a nice end-of-summer spot for a horror movie. The remake of the 1973 horror film stars child actress Bailee Madison as a girl who started hearing voices from the basement of the new home where she's moved with her father (Pearce) and his new girlfriend (Holmes). The film is directed by Troy NIxey, making his directorial debut under del Toro's tutelage.

We've been excited about this project since the Comic Con panel, and glad to see del Toro succeed in his latest effort to save modern horror from its self-created woes. Glad to see this story have a happy ending.

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