There's no way this is real, regardless of how hard MTV is trying to sell it as such. Their man on the street Josh Horowitz spoke with everyone's favorite emotionless wonder, Keanu Reeves, last night at the Oscars and jokingly mentions getting a Bill & Ted sequel greenlit right then and there. Keanu plays along, but he's clearly just along for the ride.

Hang on to hope if you want, but Reeves and cohort Alex Winter are too old to reprise their roles in the classic time traveling series. If we ever see a sequel it will undoubtedly be in the vein of Ace Ventura Jr. and we'll be forced to travel through totally arbitrary periods of time listening to young actors trying their best to rip off their predecessors. Let's just go ahead and shut this whole idea down right now, and leave Bill & Ted alone until the end of time. And if anyone so much as utters the word "reboot," expect swift justice from the heavens.

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