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For movie geeks like me and you, the Oscars are our Super Bowl. Not because they matter, but because we aren't good at sports and stuff. Just because The Hurt Locker won Best Picture last year doesn’t mean it really was the best movie of 2009. We all know it was Up in the Air… except for those of you who just shouted Inglourious Basterds or Avatar at your computer monitor. Film is subjective, and that’s half the fun. It’s never more fun than it is here on Cinema Blend in our annual, interactive Oscar Live Blog.

This Sunday, for the tenth year in a row, raucous, opinionated Blenditos will gather together and watch the Oscars together right here on Cinema Blend. You’ll want to be there since this year the event is hosted by our own infinitely knowledgeable Oscar Eye Katey Rich. The rest of the Cinema Blend crew will be there too, ready to delight, amuse, and inform you with our colorful bleeps and boops.

Don’t miss out, we’ll be all in one place to watch, talk, and survive the Academy Awards marathon with you. If you aren’t able to watch the awards, it’s a great way to keep up with all the action. If you are watching, then it’s the place to be while you watch.

Our 2011 Oscar Live Blog kicks off during the Oscar pre-show, around 7:30est/4:30pst on Sunday February 27, and we’ll be there until Anne Hathaway and James Franco say goodnight, talking movies and rooting for your favorites.

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Cinema Blend's live 2011 Oscar chat!

Get educated! Before you watch with us, brush up on this year’s batch of Academy Award nominees with our complete Oscar guide here.

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