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With the addition of the typically nefarious character actor of Christopher Lee to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland lineup, it seems that things are falling nicely down the rabbit-hole for this fantasy flick. Although it has not been confirmed what role he will play, it is inevitable that Lee will bring his most ominous self to the screen.

/film reports that, along with Lee, one Elenor Tomlinson has joined the cast. She will play a role that was written exclusively for Burton’s updated version of Wonderland. Tomlison will be Fiona Chataway, who is Alice’s nemesis in the pre-Wonderland real world.

Before you balk at the addition of a new character to Lewis Carrol’s already pristine fantasy lineup, consider the screenwriter. Linda Woolverton has worked on the likes of The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan, making her a family centric expert. Although I would love to see a family un-friendly version of Alice in Wonderland, I find it fantastic that this story will be brought to yet another generation of G-rated audience members.

With Burton regular Danny Elfman set to compose the score and so-hot-right-now Anne Hathaway rounding out the stellar cast, Wonderland is starting to sound like an event of a film. If Burton knocks this one out of the park then I think I’ll be ready to forgive him for his Planet of the Apes remake/catastrophe that had me swearing him off in ’01.