About a month ago we were witnessing a genuine horserace as Warner Bros. snagged Doug Liman to direct their new Three Musketeers movie only to watch Paul W.S. Anderson move swiftly to cast his own rival version at Summit. It was clear that Anderson's version would be the one to hit theaters first, but nobody knew what Warner Bros. and Liman were planning to do about it.

Now it seems they're taking the coward's exit: they're giving up. According to Deadline Liman is eyeing the studio's drama All You Need Is Kill, which suggests that the Musketeers aren't a high priority for anyone at the studio. Though Kill is based on a novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, it sounds more like an existential video game adaptation. A soldier goes into battle against an alien race and is killed, only to relive his last day over and over to the point that he becomes a better soldier with the possible ability to save his own life. It's basically what happened when you played Bowser's Castle over and over again in Super Mario World, just with better special effects.

Liman is going to find himself in the Oscar race this fall with his political drama Fair Game, and it's interesting to see him leaning toward something so genre-based now. He is the guy who made Jumper, after all, so i guess we shouldn't expect him to keep his serious face forever. Even if All You Need Is Kill doesn't wind up being as promising as its premise, it at least sounds original, and won't have Paul W.S. Anderson making the same thing at the same time. What we need now desperately is some original movies, and if Doug Liman is the guy to do it, so be it.

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