Wow. It's been just 8 months since the greatest hero who ever lived, Sully Sullenberger, successfully emergency landed an airplane in the Hudson River, allowing all his passengers to survive the accident. Now a new hero of the Hudson has emerged-- and it's Doug Liman?

The Bourne Identity director was on a sailboat on the river just outside of New York City when he and his producer Avram Ludwig noticed a cargo ship barrel into a small boat and keep on moving. According to THR, Liman and Ludwig rescued three of the passengers from the water, while the fourth-- the owner-- clung to the wreckage until emergency crews arrived.

Hilariously, Ludwig told THR that making action movies like Bourne may have prepared them for the incident. "Simulating life-threatening situations prepares you for real life. We can keep a level head under a lot of pressure." I don't care what it is that made them capable of this rescue, just that it happened and sounds awesome. When it comes time for the inevitable Sully biopic, Liman is now the obvious choice to handle it.

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