I watched eight minutes of 88 Minutes and automatically wondered how anybody else got through the other 80. So here’s to hoping that Al Pacino can bring more than that to the role of Dr. Kevorkian in a biopic about the controversial doctor titled You Don’t Know Jack. THR is reporting that Pacino is in talks to star in the HBO movie, which has been in production for several years now.

The movie will follow Kevorkian through his formative years as a “doctor of death,” including his invention of the Mercitron (mercy machine) and his first assisted suicide. The film is set to be written by Adam Mazer, a co-writer of Breach, which was one of the rare high quality based on a true story movies made as of late.

HBO movies can be ridiculously good when they want to be (see: Something the Lord Made and Recount), and with director Barry Levinson on board in addition to Pacino and Mazer, this could be great. Let’s just hope Pacino’s recent acting chops aren’t bad enough make you want to kill yourself.

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