Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander

People talk about this movie and emphasize the way and David Fincher worked together. How did Daniel Craig fit into that? How much of it was the three of you putting your heads together?
Me and Daniel didn't work together that often. Certainly me and David did a lot just me and him-- we had to, a lot of my stuff is on my own. Everything was new to me, so I needed more special attention and protectiveness. We had to really be careful about this character. But there were a lot of rehearsals with us sitting around a fire.

What do you think you got out of all the time you had to build the relationship with David Fincher? Was there a noticeable difference in the relationship between when you first started shooting and the end?
Obviously, yeah, after 150 days of shooting I probably know way too much about David, he knows way too much about me. Certainly by the end of it he knew how to push my buttons better, and what I needed when I was tired at hour 16. I'm very slow to trust people and slow to warm up to people-- it's one of my character flaws. I don't know, there's something about David, I immediately trusted him. Kind of the way Salander almost immediately trusts Blomkvist. And that's sort of how I felt about David. I just knew to trust him, and I couldn't have made the film without that, because there was so much I had to do that required trust.

Having gone through a unique experience like this, how does it affect what you look for in the rest of your career?
It's really hard. I've set the bar high. I've kind of shot myself in the leg a little bit. But again, I feel like David from early on empowered me to have an opinion and to have a choice. At the same time that's been very helpful in the way I look at things. I want to work with other directors who have a strong point of view and who are uncompromising in their method of filmmaking. That's really important to me after working with David. And also script is really important. I'm really ready to start working again, but I don't want to work on anything that I'm not equally as passionate about.

I'm a workaholic, so I have to just work. If I'm not working I'm quite miserable. It helps me to have something to focus on, and i just really like working really hard. But at the same time, from Social Network to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I didn't work once, because I didn't get cast in anything-- certainly there were things I went out for that I really wanted that I didn't get. But I wanted to be picky and not work unless it was something I was really passionate about.

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