Dreamworks Studios has picked up the rights to The Help according to THR. The good news is The Help has made it to my relatively short “Books to Read” list. Hell, the yellow and purple cover almost bombards me every time I step foot into Barnes and Noble. The bad news is my book list remains a dynamic and changing demon. I might never get to Kathryn Stockett’s bestseller before the movie hits the theaters and now the timetable has moved up considerably.

Bestsellers can make cruel mistresses when heading toward the big screen. I understand the logic (let’s make s#@$-loads of money while we have the chance). Expectation levels are high, high, high. You don’t want to turn a book everyone loves into the movie version of The Lovely Bones (Thanks Peter Jackson). Hopefully director Tate Taylor will do Kathryn Stockett's story about a young white girl living in Mississippi in the 1960s and her relationship with the African American maids responsible for raising her some justice. I’ll have to get moving on the book, because how else can I thumb my nose at the screen if I haven’t plowed through the pages yet?

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