It is the rare exception when an Adam Sandler comedy will draw more laughs than groans that get angrier by the minute. And while there is almost never anything redeeming about any of the characters he plays, it’s somehow the romantic stories that become his most memorable films. Well, of any that don’t feature giant penguins or fist fights with Bob Barker.

Drew Barrymore is probably the only co-star Sandler has ever appeared with that can ensure the success of one of his films – sorry, Nick Swardson – and The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed she will join his untitled romantic comedy that we reported on last month, when Barrymore was just a frontrunning hopeful. The Reporter did not mention, however, how big a sigh of relief the producers collectively released once she said yes. The film is being directed by Frank Coraci, who helmed the first of the Barrymore-Sandler collaborations with The Wedding Singer before getting The Waterboy and Click out of his system so he could really develop his artistic side by directing Kevin James movies.

Based on a 2007 pitch that was originally called Blended, this mixed-family comedy will follow Sandler and Barrymore as two single parents who find themselves stuck at a family resort with their kids from previous marriages. The two meet, and after about 35 minutes of comedic tomfoolery, major sparks begin to fly and the attraction between them is aflame. While Barrymore’s acting chops are relatively on the positive side of average in everything she plays in, Sandler is definitely the wildcard here. It’s been a few years since he dropped the cartoony performances, so maybe this will be the one. We’re not yet convinced.

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