Odds are you loved the hell out of the recent Drive Angry 3D red-band trailer as much as we did, but you know who won't love it? The FCC censors who wouldn't let anything that raunchy run during the Super Bowl. So now Summit has released a new 30-second spot for the movie that will indeed be running during Sunday's big game, also including quotes from critics who got exactly what they were looking for from this insane, action-packed piece of work.

Check out the new TV spot embedded below, and then act psychic when it comes on during the game and you know exactly what happens. Or, you know, spare your friends the silliness and just watch it like a normal person. Drive Angry 3D, starring Nicolas Cage in all of his righteous rage, hits theaters on February 25; for more on the film, including the complete rundown of all the crazy posters and trailers we've seen so far, visit the movie's page in our Blend Film Database.

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