In the weeks after The Hangover came out, it seemed like fairy dust had been sprinkled over the whole thing. Everyone from director Todd Phillips to poor, forgotten-on-the-roof Doug (a.k.a. Justin Bartha) signed some big new deal, and the more money the movie went on to make, the more everyone involved became a big. damn. deal.

Now screenwriters Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland are already feeling the next stage of The Hangover effect, despite the fact that the script they wrote for Phillips' next project Due Date has yet to debut as an actual movie. Variety reports that Imagine Entertainment has picked up the duo's untitled pitch, about a guy who goes home and is mistaken by his high school classmates for the most popular guy in school.

The plot reminds me of one of my all-time favorite 30 Rock episodes, in which Jack accompanies Liz to her high school reunion and is mistaken for everyone's idol from high school, Larry Braverman. No telling if this movie's version of Braverman will also do donuts in the parking lot and get confronted with an illegitimate son, but I wouldn't rule it out.

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