Director Duncan Jones has been on a beast of a press tour to promote his second film Source Code, crossing all over the United States and moving on recently to Europe and the UK. At some point in his journeys a persistent rumor started cropping up that, when he got back to Los Angeles, he'd be meeting with 20th Century Fox to talk about taking over for Darren Aronofsky on Wolverine.

And it's more than just a rumor-- Empire got him to confirm that the Wolverine gig would be the topic of one of his many upcoming LA eetings, and talking to IGN at Kapow! Comic Con over the weekend, he noted "[Wolverine is] more interesting to me than Batman. A good Wolverine film could be an amazing thing." But then, according to a scooper who wrote in to Ain't It Cool News, Jones suggested during a post-screening Q&A that he was taking the Wolverine meeting mostly out of curiosity and politeness, and was more interested in working on his own script next-- quite possibly Mute, the script he's now planning to develop first as a graphic novel.

Jones is certainly an interesting choice to take over for Aronofsky on Wolverine, another director who got his start in independent films and has a distinct vision (even though I thought Source Code was too generic and beneath Jones's skills, it has enough positive reviews to prove me wrong). But from the sound of it he might be wary of taking on a giant film, particularly one already abandoned by a high-profile director, and one still planning to shoot in tsunami-damaged Japan. It makes for some interesting speculation in the meantime, at least, while we wait for any director to be brave enough to take the project on. Let us know what you'd want out of a Jones-directed Wolverine in the comments, or which directors you'd rather see with the job instead.

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