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On Monday news came from an interview with Robert Duvall that Terry Gilliam's newest attempt at the Don Quixote story, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, was once again hitting a wall. Six months ago Colin Farrell turned down the role of Sancho Panza and the hunt has been on since to find someone for the part of the time traveling ad executive. But is that really what the part is anymore?

Possibly not, according to Duvall. Sitting with the actor at a roundtable interview for Get Low, he said something surprising: the script for the new film is not the same that was used in the Gilliam's first effort. According to Duvall, it appears that the time traveling aspect has been nixed and that the film will all take place in the present, saying,

"It’s a different thing from the ill-fated thing a few years ago. It’s about a guy, a shoemaker, from a small village in Spain that they take to play Quixote in a commercial and he really thinks he becomes Quixote. At the end he’s humbled and has to go back to being a shoemaker."

He also explained how he was selected for the project, saying that he was offered the role because of a film he did back in 1993 called Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, which featured Duvall as a Cuban barber. It was from this performance that Gilliam was inspired to have the actor play the Spanish windmill chaser.

Since Gilliam picked up the project again it has been assumed by just about everyone that it was based on the same script by Tony Grisoni that led to Lost In La Mancha. Duvall has been giving away secrets from the project since e first came on (his casting was the first surprise that he blew), so perhaps this is just another story in that same vein. Doesn't mean they don't still need a Sancho Panza.

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