A couple weeks ago, I posted a story about one of my favorite films from this year's Tribeca Film Festival finding distribution: Thomas Ikimi's Legacy. The film is a taut, well-crafted thriller with a fantastic turn by Idris Elba. Now, as a treat to all of you, we have exclusively received the first theatrical trailer for the film.

Also starring Eamonn Walker, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Julian Wadham, and Richard Brake, Elba stars as Malcolm Gray, a former Black Ops operative living in a run-down apartment in Brooklyn. On his last mission, he and his team were tasked with hunting down an elusive arms dealer, but things went horribly wrong when they are captured and tortured. Now back home, he has a new mission: take down the man responsible for his capture, a man who also happens to be his brother.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to hunt it down when it is released in October.

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