Paramount has started screening the year’s first summer blockbuster to their friends in the media and the first batch of Thor reviews has started appearing online. The verdict? It’s good, maybe even really good.

I’ve sorted through all the reviews, and amongst them only found one truly negative take. That comes from some place in Australia called “The Film Pie”. You’ll see their quote included with the others below. The rest of the reviews skew towards the positive, some even calling Thor Marvel Studio’s best effort yet. Which is to say, it’s maybe even better than Iron Man.

Better than the original Iron Man would be good, really good, if it’s true. As you always should though, when reading early reviews, keep in mind that these people may have been shown this movie early for a reason. It’s also worth noting that more than a few of these reviewers don’t actually do a lot of reviewing in their writeup, in some cases their reviews are barely more than a glorified plot synopsis. Many though, appear to have actually done their job.

Check out quotes from the first batch of Thor reviews below, and look for ours as soon as we’re allowed to see it.
“A winning blend of thrill and feeling, respect and irreverence, Thor lifts Marvel's movie stocks considerably. “ The Vine

“An enjoyable film, Thor remains solid throughout; seasoned and unknown actors blend well to introduce a new hero to cinema.” Katina Vangoploulos, Cut Print Review [3.5/5]

“Impressive in scale and design and featuring a star making turn from its leading man, Thor is a dazzling example of the superhero movie done right.” Matt’s Movie Reviews [4/5]

“The hammer-hurling god of thunder kicks off this superhero summer with a bang. “ THR

“While “Thor” is not a perfect film, it is the best from Marvel Studios yet.” Jonah Weiland, CBM

“While no fatal missteps are taken along Thor's path to redemption, pic has a slightly choppy feel, as if it's trying to squeeze an origin tale and at least part of its sequel into a single entity.” Variety

“There's a whole lot of the film that I really like, and I can't wait to take both of my sons to see it.” HitFix

“There are quite a few characters in the mix but my reaction throughout much of Thor was apathetic. It’s not a horrible film but it’s one that doesn’t want to take any chances.” The Film Pie

“There's action and otherworldly elements to appease the core fans and possibly even win over some skeptics, and enough humor and humanity to engage general audiences.” Stax, IGN

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