All Hail The King Easter Eggs
Take a close look at the names on the prison cells at the beginning
From the Wakanda reference in Iron Man 2 to the android Human Torch in Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel Studios has always been big on including little Easter Eggs in their projects, and All Hail The King is no different. As we’ve discussed previously, the new One Shot is set in the same prison where Luke Cage undergoes medical treatments to become a superhero, but there’s a lot more to find if you know where to look.

During our interview, I asked Pearce if he could point me in the direction of any cool hidden material in All Hail The King that fans might miss their first time watching the short, and while the filmmaker was a bit cryptic in his response I did find two things he hinted at. Pearce not only recommended that viewers look closely at the various prisoners we see in Seagate, but also to pay particular attention to the names featured on top of the prison cells (click the images to see them in high-res):

Maggia All Hail The King

Maggia All Hail The King

While the hint is a bit esoteric and required a bit of digging, I discovered that Guido Carboni and Luis Allegre are both members of the infamous Maggia crime syndicate in the Marvel Universe. Carboni is tough mob boss, but Allegre is an interesting addition as he is a member of the Costa Family – the same crime family that killed Frank Castle’s family and turned him into The Punisher.

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