Because it was picked up by a small distributor and got lost in the end-of-the-year Oscar shuffle, Peter Weir's new film The Way Back got only a fraction of the attention it deserved, meaning many moviegoers missed their chance to catch yet another stupendous Ed Harris performance. The movie is excellent and well worth checking out, but because Harris is just that kind of hard working guy, you won't have to wait long to catch him in something else. And this time, he's going for a little romance instead. According to a press release snagged by Coming Soon, Harris will star opposite Diane Keaton in The Look of Love, a love story about a woman who loses her husband and then meets a man who looks exactly like him.

Here's how Arie Posin, the writer and director, described the film:

"This movie is about the hope that love can strike at any age, and that it's possible to love deeply, lose terribly, and still love again. This project will rely heavily on the humanity and honesty of its actors, and I cannot imagine two finer actors in the world than Diane and Ed to entrust with the telling of this story."

The project will be sold at the upcoming European Film Market by Exclusive Films, who promise that "the screenplay and all the wonderful talent surrounding it will excite our distributors." That's the kind of unbridled enthusiasm you expect from people who are selling a movie project, but in this case they're not really exaggerating the talent they've got in their back pocket. I know a romance between older adults is a tough sell, but come on, how can you not pay attention to a Keaton and Harris combination?

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