Here’s a funny thought. Next to Steve Carell Ed Helms, not John Krasinski, is now the most famous person from The Office. Thanks to The Hangover, sales of Andy star mugs should increase exponentially. So by the way, should the number of places you’ll see Ed Helms.

Variety says he’s already lined up his post-Hangover followup. Just think, if the movie had sucked right now we could be calling it a Hangover remedy. Then I’d pat myself on the back and go to bed feeling pleased with myself. But The Hangover was great and so I’m forced to stick with simply calling it whatever he’s doing next.

What he’s doing next is Cedar Rapids, a comedy in which Helms will play a sad-sack insurance agent who hits an insurance convention to try and save his coworkers’ jobs. I’m imagining it as Death of a Salesman, without the suicide, even though that’s almost certainly inaccurate.

Ed actually had a hand in writing the script. They say he “developed” it with screenwriter Phil Johnston. I don’t exactly know what that means, it’s kind of like a producer credit. It could mean he did everything or it could mean he took the finished script and slapped his name on it when this Phil character wasn’t looking. I mean really, Phil Johnston, I can’t be the only one who thinks that sounds like a fake name. Why not just call yourself Ned Ryserson and be done with it.

This story may have jumped the rails a bit, but admit it, you liked it.

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