I'll be blunt: Eddie Murphy's career is in the toilet. While he almost turned things around in 2006 with Dreamgirls, everything since as been either Shrek sequels or garbage (which is to basically say "all garbage") But you know what's not a great way to fix your career? Working with Brett Ratner. So of course that's exactly what he's doing.

Deadline reports that Murphy is in talks to join the cast of Tower Heist, the Ratner blockbuster comedy already starring Ben Stiller and Alan Alda. Murphy has actually been circling the project for the better part of the last two years, dating back to when it was called Trump Heist and was being looked at as an "African American Ocean's 11." Since then, the film has been rewritten and now Alda will play a Bernie Madoff-type character that Stiller's character is trying to rob after he ruined his life. It's unknown what role Murphy will play in the film, but we can probably assume that he will be a member of Stiller's crew.

For all of the Eddie Murphy bashing that I take part in, I really used to be a fan of his work. Coming To America, Beverly Hills Cop and Trading Places were some of my favorite comedies growing up, but it's hard to respect a man who throws away all of his talents to get a paycheck. We're talking about a man who has Norbit, The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Meet Dave on his resume. Perhaps someday he will wise up and get his career back on track, but until then, he's an actor that we as an audience shouldn't be supporting.

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