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In the flurry of promotion for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, one new character hasn't really been getting his fair share. While the movie's brand new baddie, Shockwave, has gotten three stills and a banner poster, Sentinel Prime, the new Autobot first revealed in the teaser trailer, has yet to have his real moment in the sun. That changes today.

Yahoo! has posted eight new stills from the upcoming Michael Bay blockbuster, which drops on June 29. In addition to having what appears to be a conversation between Sentinel Prime and Optimus, the images also show off the skydivers, franchise-newcomer John Malkovich, a new look at Bumblebee and a surprised Patrick Dempsey. Sadly none of the pictures are what you would call action packed, but they'll do.

Check out three of the images below and head over to Yahoo! for the rest.

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