This weekend finally marks the arrival of the first trailer for Jonah Hex, the comic book adaptation scheduled to come out June 18 despite nasty rumors about reshoots and on-set troubles and the simple fact that we haven't seen a trailer for a movie that comes out in two months, and that's just weird. The trailer's arrival in front of A Nightmare on Elm Street is supposed to be proof that the movie even exists, and to build a little hype in advance, SyFy got a short preview of the trailer footage to air over the weekend.

And when we say short, we mean it-- the entire clip, as snagged by Trailer Addict, is 10 seconds long including all the SyFy logos crammed in there. Still, if you haven't seen Megan Fox's cleavage or Josh Brolin on a horse yet today, now you can. It's impossible to even tell if this footage was included in what they showed at Comic Con last summer, or what any of it even means beyond "Josh Brolin has some serious scars on his face." That's the kind of stuff we'll be learning on Friday I guess.

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