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A little over a month ago we wrote about a conversation Eli Roth had with MTV, in which he told them he wants to make a big ol' destruction movie, a change of pace from the low-budget horror he's become known for. Now Empire Online has a bit of an update on that, as well as a title.

"I want to do a sci-fi movie, like, a $60m movie – something in that budget range – where I can really do lots of mass destruction and really destroy lots of shit!" That's pretty much what Roth has already told us. But Empire, smart Brits that they are, pressed Roth on the title when they caught up with him at Cannes. "Endangered Species. And that's the first time I've uttered those two words. You have an exclusive on it."

So what does that tell us about the movie? Nothing, really. Humans could be the endangered species in question, or it could be aliens, or hell, caribou. But I like Roth's continued enthusiasm for the project, and his promises that it'll get made. It's also kind of adorable that, for him, $60 million is a huge budget. If he can make something great for that amount of money, more power to him.

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