In addition to being one of the most stealthily hilarious people on Parks & Recreation, Rashida Jones is a screenwriter, and is about to see her first script, co-written with Will McCormack, go into production. She'll also star in Celeste and Jesse Forever opposite Andy Samberg as a young couple recently divorced who are trying, with limited success, to remain friends. The supporting cast has been developing into something dynamite over the last few weeks, with Emma Roberts, Ari Graynor and Chris Messina all signing on recently. Now the cast has gotten just a little more awesome, and a lot more Hobbity.

THR reports that Elijah Wood has agreed to play Celeste's business partner, described as "metrosexual" in an article that apparently has been transported from 2003, an era where we pretended that word had any meaning. Wood hasn't really gotten a chance to show off his comedic skills in the last few years, at least not in live-action movies that people have actually seen (there's always Happy Feet), so this might be a nice part for the actor we all still primarily associate with Frodo Baggins. This isn't his only chance, though-- Wood is also starring in the FX series Wilfred, described as a "dark comedy" and premiering June 23. You've gotta feel proud of the kid we once knew as the boy playing the video game at the 80s Cafe in Back to the Future 2-- well, maybe I'm the only person who thinks of him that way.

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