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Some of you may be looking at the above picture thinking that Cinema Blend has somehow zipped back in time to the 1980s, when horror films on VHS cassette tapes were a dime for several dozen, but we promise we’re firmly grounded in 2013. On the other hand Mondo, the art affiliation that produces all those amazing limited edition posters, has no qualms with embracing bygone technologies, and have announced they are putting out a limited run of VHS copies for Franck Khalfoun’s highly disturbing Maniac, a remake of William Lustig’s 1980 slasher film of the same name.

Sure, it’s a gimmick like anything else, but it’s one of the more fitting gimmicks I can think of. Maniac, starring Elijah Wood as the mentally troubled Frank, is the kind of movie that probably never would have been made in the pre-DVD era, given its ridiculously dark tone and gory splendor. Khalfoun obviously made the film with a bigger budget than one would have had back then as well, so it looks quite slick throughout. I have to wonder how well the film will look transferred to a grainy magnetic tape, though I believe it might help to soften some of the intense violence shown throughout. Not that I feel any kind of softening is necessary, as gorier is usually better where I’m concerned.

Mondo will be releasing 500 copies of the film next Tuesday, October 22. Each edition will cost $25, and comes in a classic clamshell case, and one of the cassettes will be purple, just for fun. Just as they do with their posters, Mondo will announce on their website at a random time when the sale will begin. So if you’ve already got your credit card out to buy it, you might want to set aside part of that day to sit at your computer and hit refresh a whole bunch of times. Check out the back of the case in the pic below.


Maniac is filmed entirely from Frank’s point of view as he slowly becomes more and more psychotic after he begins running his family’s mannequin business after his mother died. (But don’t worry about shaky cam or anything.) Frank’s problems spawned from a childhood of watching his part-time prostitute mother bringing home her clients. As such, he treats women with in a way that rings more savagely murderous than respectful. It’s one of the more memorable horror efforts of this year and last, and has a way of staying with the viewer long after it’s finished. And if you get the VHS, then you can just leave it unrewound so that you never have to worry about watching it again.

Check out the red band trailer below, and mark your calendar with a blood red pen.

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