We heard what seemed like real confirmation yesterday that Elijah Wood would indeed be appearing in Peter Jackson's two-part The Hobbit, despite the fact that his character Frodo hadn't been born when the events of the book take place. But even though Wood had been consulted during the film's script stage and in touch with Jackson, his casting wasn't 100% locked down, in the usual process of getting things signed through a vast network of lawyers, agents and the liked.

Now the deal is truly official, as Wood's PR reps have confirmed the casting in an e-mail saying simply that Wood is "confirmed to star" in the film. "Star" may be a bit of a stretch, since Frodo isn't the main character of the film by any means, but we can probably guarantee Wood will figure highly into the marketing as all the Lord of the Rings fans are brought back into the fold to buy tickets for this new one.

In additional, totally unrelated news, the PR company also announced that Wood will be starring in a British TV miniseries version of Treasure Island, alongside Eddie Izzard. No word when it's airing either on television there or may be available on DVD in the States, but it could be your chance to see Wood before he makes an appearance at the conclusion of the second Hobbit movie to tie all the epics together.

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