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Yesterday I found myself oddly excited for a Lawrence Kasdan project. The man hasn't made a decent movie since 1993, but he's finally come to his senses and teamed up for the sixth time with Kevin Kline for Darling Companion, a comedy that catches up with the Big Chill and Grand Canyon generation in their golden years. Kline is set to star with Diane Keaton as an aging couple, and now one of the more talented actresses of this generation has signed on to represent the younger side of the equation.

According to THR, Elisabeth Moss has signed on to star in the film, which also features Richard Jenkins in a supporting role. In the film Kline and Keaton lose the beloved family dog while attending their daughter's wedding, and the ensuing hunt includes "several guests and a mysterious young woman." It's unclear if Moss will play that young woman or the daughter or someone entirely different, but given how much attention she's gotten for her work on Mad Men, the role should be a big one either way.

As producer Anthony Bregman put it to THR, "This is a movie about the most basic human challenge: to share with each other the higher level of love, companionship and trust that humans share with their pets.” Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but think of how many people you know who communicate better with their pets than their loved ones and maybe take this movie a little seriously. Yes, Lawrence Kasdan has a lot of time to make up for, but so far he's assembling all the pieces to make this comeback a good one.