Jack Kerouac's On the Road is a long and rambling road trip story, so of course there's a ton of random side characters to be included. But with the lead roles filled by relative newcomers Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley, I really wasn't expecting a whole lot of famous faces to start showing up for five minutes of screentime, even if Kristen Stewart is playing the lead female role of Marylou and apparently everyone believes she's new female James Dean or something.

But as it turns out, all kinds of people who could probably be doing something more substantial will be showing up in On The Road. Collider has learned that Steve Buscemi, Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss, Alice Braga, Terrence Howard, Tom Sturridge and Danny Morgan have all joined the cast. That's in addition to Amy Adams and Viggo Mortensen, who signed on last week to play Old Bull Lee and his wife, Jane (based on William S. Burroughs and his wife, Joan).

Filming has already started, and Collider also snagged an image of Kirsten Stewart on the set in costume (via Spoiler TV); you can see that below. I remain firmly skeptical that On the Road can make a coherent or even watchable movie, at least for those of us out of high school and now aware that Kerouac was a good writer, yes, but also a self-obsessed misogynist who glorified a life that was probably pretty brutal too. But hey, don't let me ruin your nostalgia road trip-- if this turns out to be any good I'll be the first one to admit I was wrong.

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