As a rule I can't get behind What To Expect When You're Expecting. It's yet another omnibus chick flick based on an advice book (the first being He's Just Not That Into You), and the very notion of turning a book full of useful advice into a goopy movie about parenthood seems wrong somehow. And by casting Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker and Cameron Diaz in lead roles, they seemed to be further planting my feet in the "not into it" camp. But then they went and somehow talked Chris Rock into joining the cast, then Anna Kendrick signed on, and now two more people I generally like have joined up.

According to two separate press releases from Lionsgate, both Rob Huebel and Elizabeth Banks have joined the film, though their characters apparently won't have much to do with each other. Huebel's subplot actually sounds kind of hilarious-- he's "a member of a motley crew of new dads who congregate in a city park in what is considered part play group, part secret society." Of course, I don't expect it to actually turn into the trampoline episode of Community, where they discover some secret garden where babies roam free and stop crying for five damn minutes, but there's at least a little comedic potential there, especially if they find the right actors to join him. Banks will be playing a slightly more typical character, the author of a children's book about breast feeding (!) and owner of a boutique called The Breast Choice (!!) who apparently has never actually had a child (!!!) When she does finally get pregnant for the first time, real-life experience turns out to trump ideology.

I actually kind of like the idea of Banks playing the character as a spin on her character from 30 Rock, the driven and power-hungry Avery who names her daughter after Liddy Dole, but kind of assume they'll have to soften her up for what sounds like a very mainstream romantic comedy. Huebel, on the other hand, can only have been brought in for his comedic skills-- in everything from I Love You Man to Little Fockers, he's the normal looking guy who shows up in a scene to do something weird and hilarious. I'm not saying either he or Banks have the power to make this movie good, but at least when I'm inevitably assigned to review it, I'll have some bright spots to look forward to.

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