All has been quiet for nearly a year on Relativity's horror flick The House At The End Of The Street, but during that period of media silence, director Mark Tonderai completed photography and is now putting the finishing touches on his movie in preparation for a February, 2012 release. Ordinarily, February is a burial ground for failed efforts studios want to release against weaker competition, but the informal rules regarding horror movie release dates are entirely different. Apart from Halloween which always features a couple of screamers, the rest of the year is inconsistently littered with the remaining offerings in no discernable order. The House At The End Of The Street could be great, or it could be terrible. Its release in February in no way alters my expectations, which actually, are quite high.

Not to be confused with Last House On The Left or its highly watchable remake, The House At The End Of The Street follows Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence and her Academy Award nominated hot mother Elizabeth Shue as they move into a creepy old home marked down because of a vicious murder it housed years before. Weirdness begins almost immediately and is only heightened when Lawrence starts hanging out with the sole survivor of the massacre played by Max Theriot. Whether its ghosts going bump in the night or unapprehended killers isn't quite clear, but if given a choice, I'd hope for still on the loose sociopaths. Serial killers are always scarier than poltergeists, at least to me.

When's the last time a horror movie featured two Academy Award nominees? 1999's In Dreams had Annette Bening, Robert Downey Jr and Stephen Rae. Let's hope this one fares a little better.

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