Spunky, dancing TV host/comedian Ellen DeGeneres has been asked by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to host the 79th Annual Academy Awards. After her recent three-car accident (with two of them being Porsches—only in Hollywood), she could probably use the bout of good news. New York Times reports that Ellen has gladly accepted her date with Oscar.

She is the first female host to tackle the Oscars since Whoopi Goldberg, and she has dreamed of this moment all her life. So much so, that she’s already started to prepare. She explains, "There’s enough fear and negativity in the world without adding to it, and I think comedy should be all-inclusive. I’m working on how I start the Oscars next year, because I want to be proud of it. I’ve wanted to do this for so long, it’s important to me to walk that line."

The show’s producer Laura Ziskin picked her to host because, "She’s very warm...She can be really sharp, and biting, and topical. But she’s never mean or jaded. I want to do a big entertainment show, and Ellen is an entertainer."

Ellen won praise for the way she hosted the Emmys in 2001, and I think she’ll do a great job with the Oscars, too. As much as I like Jon Stewart, he seemed kind of frightened on stage and was pretty much bombing for the better part of the night. If anyone can make an overlong, boring show like the Oscars fun and playful, Ellen’s the gal to do it.

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