Not sure who thought it was a good idea to let Bruno in at the MTV Movie Awards-- there are way too many celebrity egos that could potentially get bruised on that turf. And apparently that's what happened when Bruno's stunt arrival dressed as an angel landed him on Eminem's face.

You really have to see it to understand exactly how awkward it was, and how unhappy Eminem seemed to be the butt of the joke-- yeah, those silent moments in the sound weren't a broadcast error. The stunt was obviously planned, given the camera that was on Eminem's reaction immediately, but if you believe Ryan Seacrest's Twitter (and who doesn't!), Em's disgust was real. Yeah, check it out below while the YouTube clip lasts-- who knows if this video will be posted in full quality by MTV.

Looking for a full run-down of the night's events? Check out Josh's liveblog for the blow-by-blow.

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